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  • Mini speaker model 3

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1000pcs

    Mini speakers come in handy during a gathering with friends or for work. They are small, portable and have a variety of colours to choose from. Explore the type and color that fits you the best, turn up the music in style.
    Mini speakers come in many different shapes, such as the rectangular cuboid shape, cube shape as well as the circular cylinder shape.
    Printing and color:
    Mini speaker can be printed with your company logo, and it is available in many different types of base color combinations.
    Mini speakers are available in different types of models.

  • Simply fill in the form and our sales person will revert with a quotation shortly.

    * Required fields

    If need help,call us at (65) 6278 7809 or email to quotation@secopress.com.sg

    *Artwork requirements and guidelines

    Before proceeding with the production of mock up, we will need to do up a product visual with the artwork provided by the client. We are able to provide simple layout design service for free 
    In order to ensure that the artwork printed is okay, we will need clients to follow the guidelines as follow:

    *Artwork requirements and guidelines

    We would prefer to work with artworks in Ai, EPS or PSD format.

    Kindly ensure that artwork is vectorized, pathed, rasterized. 
    Kindly ensure that the resolution of the images used is at least 300dpi (high resolution). 
    Kindly ensure that images used in artwork are embedded to avoid missing image links. 
    Kindly provide the pantone color code for the logo or artwork to be used. 
    Kindly ensure that the bleeding area is at least 3mm.

    *Mock up guidelines

    Once artwork is confirmed and our official quotation invoice is endorsed, we will be proceeding for the production of mock up. Do note that at this stage, we will need to receive a 50% deposit payment upon the confirmation of the order.

    The production time of mock up varies for per product. The mock up time and lead time is usually provided with the quotation given.

    After the production of mock up is completed, our sales team will send the photo of the mock up to client to view and provide their confirmation to proceed for mass production.

    If physical mock up is required, an additional 7 days is required to ship the mock up from over China office to our Singapore office. Once we receive the mock up, we will arrange a courier to be delivered on the next day.

    Upon the completion of the mock up, mock up fee is required if there is any need to change the artwork used for the mock up production. Kindly provide the pantone color code for the logo or artwork to be used.

    In the event if the delivery dateline is very tight, client can choose to forgo the production of mock up and proceed directly for mass production with the confirmation of the visual.

    *Mass production guidelines

    Upon confirmation of mock up, we will proceed on with the production of mass production.

    At this stage, please take note that we would not be able to make any changes pertaining to the artwork as well as the other specifications of the item.

    The production time required for per product varies. The mock up time and lead time are usually given together with the quotation provided.

    Do note that the mock up time is not to be included into the lead time.

    For cases when delivery dateline is urgent, we will skip the production of mock up and go straight for mass production. For such cases, client would have to be certain that there will not have any changes upon confirmation of the production. Photos of the first batch produced will be sent to client for view if there is enough time for it.

    *Upon completion of the mass production, our sales team based in China will be going over to the factory to check the quality of the mass produced goods. Upon confirmation of mock up, we will proceed on with the production of mass production.

    *If there is a need, they will send the photos of the mass produced goods over and we will send the photos to clients for quality assurance purposes.

    *Once approved, our sales team in China will arrange the goods to be delivered over to our Singapore office.

    *In the event if the goods are found with issues, we will first assess how the situation is, concerning with the quantity of the goods with issues as well as the delivery timeline required to meet the client’s dateline. Based on these two main factors, we will work out with a few solutions for clients to go with.

     If there is enough time to work with, the factory will usually do up another batch to replace the ones with issues.  

    Our production factory is based in China, and our China branch office oversees the quality assurance of the production. Once production is done and quality is checked, we will prepare to deliver the goods over to our Singapore office.

    *< Types of delivery available for delivery from China to Singapore >

     By Sea shipping 
     By Air freight (economy, regular) 
     By Fedex air freight (urgent, more costly)

    *Once the goods arrived in our Singapore office, we will contact the client to arrange the local delivery schedule. Do note that we will need to receive the balance payment upon delivery. For Government agencies, we will work with 30 days credit payment.

    *< Types of delivery available for local delivery >

      To one common location / multiple locations delivery 
      By Postal mail service (document size) 
      By courier service (small parcels) 
    Client is also welcome to pick up the goods from our office

    *If client needs to arrange the goods to be delivered to another Country, we are able to arrange the goods to be delivered directly from our China office.

    *< For international delivery>

      By Global delivery service

    *Payment Terms are as follows?

     50% deposit upon confirmation of order and is non-refundable. 
     Deposit is for the production, shipment and delivery costs. 
     50% balance payment upon delivery of goods. 
     Price is inclusive of printing, packaging and free delivery to 1 location. 
     Shall there be any changes to the artwork after confirmation of visual, there will bemock up 
      fee incur. 
    We accept payment by cheque and bank transfers.

    *Payment by Cheque

     Payment will be made to "Secopress Corporation Pte Ltd". Cheque to be mailed to: 
     10 Anson Road, #28-12 International Plaza, Singapore 079903 

    *Payment by Bank Transfer

     Company Account Details (for bank transfer) 
     Bank: OCBC 
     Account Name: Secopress Corporation Pte Ltd 
     Account Number: 564-737625-001 
     Bank Code: 7339 
     Branch Code: 564 
     Account Type: Current 
     Swift Code: ocbcsgsg 
     Branch name: OCBC Robinson Road 

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